Body By Vi, Visalus weight loss products review


ViSalus weight loss products are gaining lots of popularity.

ViSalus, the firm is really part of a bigger firm named Blyth found in Greenwich CT. Blyth Inc is truly a publicly traded firm on the New York Stock Exchange. Reluctantly, I consented to have him make me one of the Visalus shakes as he promised to me when we spoke on the telephone.

The company has a huge churn or turnover rate, estimated as almost 200% per year.

In accordance with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) customer complaints on Body by Vi, it’sn’t that simple to return merchandises or cancel.

Their 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge and 14 Day Detox iPhone and iPad programs include over 200 delicious recipes for a healthy body and mind.

ViSalus Challenge

Now we are going to talk about the actual product lineup which is another MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) for those of you out there looking for something along those lines. The firm, which promotes weightloss shakes, protein bars and energy drinks mainly through a network of independent salespeople and canceled an IPO in 2014 amid dropping sales, calls without “merit” a planned class action lawsuit alleging the company made telemarketer calls and automated robocalls to former promoters and others, without their permission.

As he and among his fellow supporters of this product were attempting to paint a picture of how I could achieve financial independence through being involved in this business (this is the important thing I ABHOR about MLM schemes-join our team and all your cash woes will disappear”-UGH!).

I was reading through the paperwork they’d in a large 3-ring binder describing the Visalus strategy featuring the aforementioned protein shake mixes.

So, this basically acts like a group devoted to creating a favorable effect on the lifestyle, wellness as well as wealth of everybody they can get through to. They’re going to get this occur just by strengthening jointly with training their Consumers as well as Marketers to help produce their individual revolutionary health and wellness revolutions to everyone.

Visalus Shakes: Do they help with weight loss?

I have been hearing lots of great things about these meal replacement shakes, therefore I believed it was about time that I try it out for myself.

With almost nine in 10 Americans enthusiastic about learning more about foods that have health benefits beyond basic nutrition, ViSalus developed its first plant-based protein milkshake that’s non-GMO, without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, trans fats, cholesterol, wheat, or soy – Perfect not only for people with private diet tastes, but for anyone seeking the finest in complete body nutrients.

They combine meal replacement shakes with some amazing stuff – 90 calories is not considerably higher- so we do add flavors- a half cup frozen berries— or my son’s favourite- chocolate flavoring with PB2 (powdered peanut butter) and a few walnuts with about 6 ounce non-sweetened almond milk and some ice for a total of 20ounces of drink— totally filling- under 200 calories- and tastes like a snickers bar.

So every man is writing about a personal experience, I have attempted the shakes (no need to shed weight,simply trying to find great nutrients) and enjoyed it and my view is that likely this shake would be great for most folks, but no shake will please everybody,so relax and chill out should youn’t enjoy it do not drink it, there still are many options out there.

The Visalus Well-Being Shop is an Authorized Independent Promoter of ViSalus Sciences products and the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge,. But it’s just experienced recent years that this product has appeared to BURST on the scene and, based on this Huffington Post , the company is currently doing over $600 million annually.

The bad points

They packaged these types into products which are readily digested by the customer. A number of people can not drink it.

And please, ViSalus representatives, do not be pushy auto-salesmen providers.

Dedicating yourself into a healthful lifestyle is what gets you healthy, not some huge bright glowing light behind an item that does not have any ingredients that really stand out from other products that are similar.

So nearly all the promoters aren’t bringing in many generations of the organization because you just bring in the in depth parts of the settlement strategy, when you begin reaching the higher, higher positions in the company based on the sales you make. ViSalus providers and patrons take exception of using the word “scam”.

That is between $4 (if I stick to the dollar menu) to $9. The meal shake is simple and suitable for me to bring to work. For those who haven’t learned much about the product yet (and I am thinking that’s perhaps just 4 individuals in North America), ViSalus is a multi-level marketing (MLM) business promoting a line of nutritional supplements as part of a 90-day weight loss challenge. A friend I’d like to try her shake mix and it tasted great but did not have much body.


So far as their products go, they promote several science established nutraceuticals which are designed to help in your total health and well being.

It’s a legitimate MLM company that offers actual products to individuals and the chance to to bring in an income. The milkshakes themselves are a nutritional meal replacement shake with no problems with blood thinners.

Believe it or not, there are some individuals that use these shakes with water and locate them to function just fine. In year 2012 and 2013, ViSalus had 3000% member growth rate and the tendency continues in 2014.

Discussing of dietary fat, there was just 1g of it in this protein milkshake mix along with 7g carbohydrate (5g of which is dietary fiber) and 12g protein in this 90-calorie meal replacement shake.

Usually the company behind the products attempts to crochet prospective enrollees to ViSalus with the notion that they’re able to lose weight using the meal replacement shakes and get a healthy lifestyle by drinking the shakes daily. Another great thing relating to this merchandise is the fact they just comprise about 2 g of sugar per serving, which can be rather low for a meal replacement shake.

We have never said we disliked the ViSalus shakes, (Only the pushy sales strategies) and as you’ll be able to see from other commenters, it is not only us that feel this way. Why is it better is that not only that you just will not feel hungry all the time, you’d also feel more energized from drinking the shake. So, overall, these shakes can be a hit or a miss for you!