Review of Six Pack Shortcuts: Is it the best program for abs?


Building a six pack ab is a tough task. It requires strict diet and discipline with workouts.

Various fitness gurus keep launching their ab workouts in this evergreen market.

Six Pack Shortcuts is an abs training system comprised of educational videos that shows the unique exercises, techniques, and nourishment needed to significantly reduce the timeframe you have to morph the body into what you have always wanted it to be.

The primary basis for the drastic decrease in time is on account of an exercise caused physiologic effect that results in excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), also know as the afterburn effect.

His techniques on training and nutrition are instructed in detail at and additionally on his YouTube channel.

Happily, Mike has created an ideal plan to help people who need to get their perfect six pack.

Now that Six Pack Shortcuts has become successful, I needed to give back to the fitness community lets analyze whether it delivers to give you the shape and helps in getting a six pack abs.

The Six Pack Shortcuts Review

The #1 Most Subscribed Trainer on YouTube demonstrates you the best way to get a cut, shredded body and six pack abs.

Learn all about Mike Chang’s Plan and whether it is appropriate for you in this entire, comprehensive, and above all, FRANK product review.

As the program name “six pack abs” indicates, there are several abs unique work outs that is easily carried out. Mike’s dynamic, body-smashing system tries to obliterate fat and sculpt a mean midsection with four core-focused work outs that replicate a tailored series of rapid, calorie-burning exercises designed to chisel the whole body.

Well, this program continues to be specially designed to give you nicely toned and most defined abs. And having looked through most of the product myself, it is now clear to me how several affiliates never have even previewed the real merchandise themselves.

With the included ‘Zero Willpower Eating System’, Mike reveals you eating strategies that help add muscle without adding any fat. That’s, the workouts are extreme and literally, you’d also need your PC, notebook, iPad, or iPod to use this program because everything is in video mode and you can not print them out like other programs.

In this review however, I would also like to talk a bit about the promotion and sales of the merchandise, the inexcusable wealth of bro-science upon which it’s based, the preponderance of out-of-date, ineffective, wrong, and yes, poor guidance contained within it, and in a broader sense, the folly of seeking unique, concealed knowledge to solve our self-induced difficulties.

So, if I had to sum it up, I do not believe Six Pack Shortcuts is an outright scam like some of the things you may see on late night TV, but it’s rather gimmicky – and it does smell a lot like a scam when you first see it.

Truth be told, after I was initially exposed to Mike Chang’s work, I got a funny feeling about him- as if he was not actually genuine in wanting to help me, or anyone else for that matter.

The Free Variation

Another feature included with signing up for Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is the Free Gifted Abs.

Lately, not one but two customers of mine mentioned they’ve previously attempted Mike’s program, which they’d mixed feeling around.

I was initially worried the Six Pack Shortcuts work outs were really too brief to work, but once I completely comprehended the intention behind the much mentioned Afterburn Effect (which I expect I described well enough towards the top of the page) I saw that shorter work outs paired with the “Afterburn finishers” are really just as, perhaps more, powerful than the longer workouts of the other applications.

So, thumbs up to Mike for including this concept of “Afterburn”. It’s one effective system!

In addition to his phenomenally popular, and usually uproarious YouTube videos, Mike Chang offers twomore products; his Crazy “Home Fat Loss” system, designed to burn off fat at hyper-speed, and his “Monster Mass” work out, created or those people who are willing to put up with brief but intense work outs for rapid, extreme muscle definition.

In this regard, the program seems similar to Ben’s MI40 program.

A flat and muscular belly region is a target innumerable women strive for but consistent and overlong crunching and bailing out all the favourite foods from diet will not be the correct way to get it done.

However, a muscled and leveled abdomen is possible by following Mike Chang’s program as it instructs individuals to integrate some little changes into their day like making do up their abs while they walk and adding the right healthful fats with their diet.

Learn to love yoghurt , says Norris, and the abdomen blubber enveloping your abs will shortly vanish.

I have been a fitness expert and fitness trainer since 2006 and I Have printed over 600 articles and videos online since 2008 – mainly on my primary site. So, I know what I am talking.

As one would anticipate, the Six Pack Shortcuts work outs get increasingly harder as you work the right path through this system.

And if you are okay with putting some serious effort for six pack abs, then all the power for you.

Oh and they’ve the workouts especially for the front and rear of a guy’s midriff and the strengthening of the adjoining muscles.

Pros and Cons

Significant contribution of Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is that it includes a diet plan that will be more difficult than core stabilization exercises as they help keep an individual’s entire body weight.

Mike has personally trained individuals changing from 16 to 72 years in age in addition to those who’ve never worked out within their whole life.

You then transition into the maintenance stage where you remain in “Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode” and begin doing A40 ab training to actually get your abs defined, and keep yourself lean and mean!

However, there are some losing points too. The workouts don’t bring something new to the table.

The bodybulding community is already aware of many of such workouts.

So instead of spending nearly 100$ on Six Pack Shortcuts, you are likely better looking into a program called Adonis Golden Ratio (strange name, I understand). Each measure was created to get you closer and closer to the six pack abs that you would like.

The “Adonis Golden Ratio” is an entirely new and different way of male fitness which I consider is much far better than anything else out there. So when you have seen within my images, I Have also managed to attain an excellent physique and six pack abs myself – unlike many other folks selling exercise classes.

If you stick to the Mike’s program though, I have a tip. Once you have completed the application for the very first time, you’ll discover that Mike says it is possible to duplicate stages 3 and 4 forever, but I’d recommend against this.

On the other hand, I could readily show you that even with 17-18% body fat, abs can exhibit loud and clean. Practical, proven, and loaded with personal narratives, I really feel this program can make become more healthy and considerably simpler.

Particularly if you happen to be staying tuned in and following the work outs.

You will find why you should forget about willpower and cease gritting your teeth through work outs you despise. Which means that anytime you’ve got a question about the work outs or the eating plan, you can simply shoot him an e-mail and he will make contact with you with a couple days using an answer to your own question that is personalized for you.

So, repeat after me: I WON’T examine exercise technique from Six Pack Shortcuts.


Six Pack Shortcuts is among the best known training programs online now. For this particular section I compared the short term and long term prices of Six Pack Shortcuts versus a “Crossfit Health Club Membership” and the “Typical Health Club Membership”.

There are other ab workouts too like the Adonis Golden Ratio, Abs After 40 work out plan etc. that are shaking up the fitness world because generally the excitement among fitness fanatics is seen to fall past a particular age.

It’d be one thing if improper technique was just shown in free Youtube videos, but when you pay for professional education, that is what you should get. Observe Mark in action in order to find out his story of how he managed to get the ideal six pack abs in only three years.

But once you have learned the best way to get a six pack and a sculpted body, these videos will actually take your own body to the following degree.

View the Free 3 Step Hormone Training video now to see how, and to see if Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is appropriate for you. Otherwise, go for some inexpensive yet better alternatives.